The Covid-19 taskforce team for Kampala met on Monday and proposed stringent guidelines, which all those operating in the city must follow when the lockdown is lifted.

Sources, who attended the meeting, told Daily Monitor that the resolutions will be presented to the chairperson of the Covid-19 national taskforce, Maj Gen Robert Rusoke.

Maj Gen Rusoke will later present the same resolutions to the President ahead of his address on Saturday.
President Museveni imposed a 42-day lockdown on the country on June 18 2021, a move he said would mitigate the surging cases of Covid-19.

With just three days to the President’s address about the status of Covid-19 in the country, there is a lot of anxiety among city dwellers, with some proposing that the lockdown be lifted to enable them return to work and salvage their collapsing businesses.

Our sources said the Monday meeting was, among others, triggered by overwhelming pressure from the business community who want government to loosen some of the lockdown restrictions.

However, the meeting resolved that for the city centre to be opened, business owners and landlords must first commit to enforcing the standard operating procedures (SOPs).