The government has officially banned concerts, festivals and gatherings of any kind until further notice, in a bid to contain transmission of the third wave of Covid-19.

This was said on Sunday, July 25, by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health Prof Abel Makubi while issuing the first new guide to controlling congestion in public places without affecting economic activities.

He said all activities that bring people together including bars, social halls should adhere to the guidelines set by the Government.

“We strongly urge all the ceremonies to be suspended dueing this period until further notice, this is a temporary issue and the government’s aim is to reduce the Covid19 transmission chain,”

“If it’s a must ceremonies should be held in open space or if they are held in the hall they should be for a short time, a number of invited guests should be limited to allow social distancing of one meter or more.” said Prof Makubi.

He said if there are activities that cannot wait for the situation to stabilize then they should follow all preventive measures including of checking a body temperature by a thermometer for everyone in the area.

Owners or organizers of the meetings should install hand-washing equipment including a running water and soap or use sanitisers.

He said customers should stay at a distance of one meter from each other and others should be advised to drink at home.

“These areas should be inspected by Health Professionals and the Defense and Security Committees to ensure the instructions are followed,” he said.

*Written by Herieth Makwetta